The Summer Struggle: Weight Gain in Kids and 5 Strategies to Prevent It

Summer break is almost here and I think we are all ready for slower, less hectic days filled with swimming, free time, and fun. However, according to several recent studies, summer vacation is also the time when children are most likely to gain excess weight. Is this due to round-the-clock access to food at home and less regulated meals? Or can the weight gain be attributed to decreasedl physical activity now that kids have more access to screen time and are off from PE, recess, and sports team practices? Researchers are not certain as to the main cause, but most hypothesize it is a combination of both along with disrupted sleep patterns that have led to this concerning trend. Here are 5 str

Backyard Chickens: The Adventure

It's not so uncommon these days for people to raise chickens in their yard - I just never thought it would be me. I am married to a guy who loves all things outdoor and he thought chickens would be a fun project for the family. He was right! The chicks first made their appearance in February of 2016 and at just a few days old, were the most adorable little bundles of joy. Times seven. His original thought was that all of them might not make it and by getting a few extra, we would eventually end up with 4 or so - one for each of our children. Well, chickens are heartier than you might think and after a lot of manhandling and a brief stint living in a large box equipped with heat lamps in

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